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Here’s a list of questions we’re often asked.  Of course, your situation is unique.  We’ll be glad to answer your questions and do what we can to help.

If I submit a claim will my insurance go up?

This is one question no one can answer, not even your insurance company. This is clearly a revenue and claim cost determination the company has as a whole, along with the volume of claims the homeowners have a history on.

How long is this going to take before I can get back in my normal routine?

This depends on the amount of “true damage” is incurred. We take it one day at a time through the mitigation phase, before we can begin to put a rebuild schedule together. Sometimes homeowners want to have some remodeling done at the same time so we incorporate their wish list along with the rebuild. The scope of work can be fluid, depending on the amount of change homeowners would like to see. Our objective is to have the occupants back into their normal routine as quickly as possible, without compromising the integrity of the work.

What if the insurance company only allows a specific dollar amount for the claim?

A majority of claims are nowhere near the limits of the insurance policies. What we do see is the adjuster may not have completed a fully detailed estimate. Our job is to identify,with the homeowner, what damages have been incurred based on the current loss, and work with the adjuster on the justification of a full scope of loss for the claim. And, even after this has been identified, during the restoration phase there may be a supplement that is submitted due to unforeseen damages. We justify and coordinate this activity with the insurance adjuster to insure coverage.

Fire and Water Restoration Experts

Fire or water damage? Dealing with Mold or Asbestos Problems? We can help. We’re an experience local company servicing Boulder, Longmont, and the surrounding areas. We’re your advocate, hand-picked to fix your immediate problems and long term issues.