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Burst Pipe Damage

One of the most common sources of flooded homes is a burst pipe. Many things can cause pipes to burst, and the end result can be detrimental. Whether your basement is flooded, or your crawlspace is full of water, Rapid Dry Restoration is here to help! With water damage technicians on call 24/7 we can locate the frozen or burst pipe and begin the restoration process immediately.

A burst pipe can pump hundreds of gallons of water into a home if it is not addressed with a sense of urgency. Our team is highly trained to remove all of the unwelcome water and completely dry any affected areas of the home. With a prompt response to the burst pipe, you as the homeowner greatly reduce your risk of having long-term issues such as mold and future flooding problems.

Licensed General Contractor

We have helped thousands of people restore their homes with a sense of urgency to remove unwanted water from the structures. You can rest easy knowing that your assets are being taken care of by Colorado’s best water damage specialists. Once all of the water is removed and the burst pipe has been repaired, Rapid Dry Restoration will re-build any building materials that were damaged by the pipe burst. As a licensed general contractor in the state of Colorado, we can take on any size project to make sure the home is even better than before!

Certified Water Damage Experts

Each day at Rapid Dry Restoration we focus on returning homes and lives to normal following water damage. As certified water damage experts we know that each job is different in terms of finding a solution; therefore, you can be assured our team will be thorough and professional when analyzing your home and beginning the water removal process.

We Work with All Insurance

We work with ALL insurance carriers to make sure you, as the homeowner are represented and fully taken care of. Flooding from a burst pipe can be overwhelming, but let Rapid Dry Restoration take the reins and start the water removal process to bring you peace of mind.

Call Now!

Whether your crawlspace is knee-deep in water from a frozen pipe or your walls have water running down them, we are here to help with the restoration process. Don’t hesitate to call us for all of your water damage needs!

Fire and Water Restoration Experts

Fire or water damage? Dealing with Mold or Asbestos Problems? We can help. We’re an experience local company servicing Boulder, Longmont, and the surrounding areas. We’re your advocate, hand-picked to fix your immediate problems and long term issues.