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Water Damage Restoration Service in Broomfield, CO

Types of Water Damage in Broomfield, CO

When you think of water damage, thoughts of a flooded basement from a storm, overflowing washing machine, or broken water heater usually come to mind. But in Broomfield, the sources go beyond the usual. We’ve seen faulty ice maker lines cause a little chaos or leaky roofs due to hail or wind damage require water cleanup and beyond. Whatever the source of water damage, Rapid Dry Restoration is ready to fix water damage day or night in your home or business.

Why You Should Use Rapid Dry Restoration

When you find any kind of damage to your home, you want the restoration process to begin immediately, whether you came home from vacation to a flooded basement or a previously unknown leaky roof left crawl space water. Rapid Dry Restoration has worked with many remediation processes to return homes and lives back to normal. With nearly 20 years in the water damage restoration business, we spend every day focusing on everyone and their safety inside the home, from start to finish.

water damage inside home

water damage inside home

Water Damage Restoration Process in Broomfield, CO

Regardless of how much water damage was inside your home, during the water damage restoration process our goal is to return your home to its pre-loss condition. This process starts with an inspection of the damage, including determining the type of water damage under the four class standards. Next is extracting the water from affected areas along with removing unsalvageable personal items like furniture, electronics, and clothing. From there, we use the method of drying and dehumidification most appropriate for your home and situation to further the process. Overall, the water damage restoration process can take several days or more than a week.

Helpful Tips

After either seeing water damage first hand to your home or finding it, first and foremost make sure the area is structurally sound. If water lingered enough to be soaked up by wooden supports and caused any kind of damage to walls, rafters, and beams, a collapse could be possible. Should it be safe to enter the area, keep the power off until an electrician can inspect the wiring.

Make a list of personal property that was damaged by the water, even those that were lost. We recommend making an inventory of all personal property prior to a water damage event, and to include the purchase date and value with receipts. Not only will this help you remember what you have, but it will help in the insurance claim process. Photographing the items before and after is also recommended.

Protect yourself by wearing gloves and boots when cleaning and disinfecting the damaged areas. Mold can be prevented by removing any wet items immediately.

Rapid Dry Restoration are Your Water Damage Experts

Time is of the essence when dealing with flood water damage of any amount inside the home. Rapid Dry Restoration has the process of returning your home to normal going before the initial phone call ends. Our team works with you to identify the issue, create a custom solution to you and your home, then working side-by-side with you until the water damage is nothing more than a story to share over dinner.

Happy after water damage restoration

Happy after water damage restoration

Let’s get that water damage removed and get your home or business restored to normal.

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